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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#32 - Principal Administrative Position Exemption

Approved: May 27, 1998

Monitor: Vice President for Business Affairs

The University has established the following procedure to ensure that all principal administrative titles are properly authorized by the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS), as mandated by Illinois statutes. A principal administrative title is an Administrative and Professional position which has been exempted from coverage under the State Universities Civil Service System of Illinois.

This procedure shall apply to all administrative positions, regardless of source of funding.

An Administrative and Professional Position/Title Request form must be completed when any of the following conditions occur:

  1. a new position or title is created,

  2. significant changes in duties of an existing administrative and professional position occur,

  3. a change in title of an administrative and professional position occurs, or

  4. an existing civil service position has been identified as qualified for exemption under system rules.

Deans and Directors are responsible for monitoring administrative and professional positions for their area and filing exemption requests with the Department of Human Resources whenever any of the conditions outlined above occur. Forms are available in the Department of Human Resources. Deans and Directors may seek the assistance of the Director of Human Resources in completing the request.

Included with the exemption request shall be a rationale that addresses the justification for exemption of the position from the Civil Service System, under applicable statutes and rules pertaining to the System. The request shall address the position’s level of managerial responsibilities, complexity of decision making and location within the organizational structure.

Completed requests shall be signed by the Dean or Director and submitted to the Director of Human Resources. The Director of Human Resources shall review the request to determine if it meets the criteria for the Civil Service exemption, and for internal equity, consistency across organizational unit lines, and consistency with practices of comparable organizations. Requests approved by the Director of Human Resources shall be submitted to the appropriate Vice President, and if required, to the State Universities Civil Service System, for approval. When notification of action is received, the Director of Human Resources shall notify all parties involved in the request of the action taken.

Unapproved requests shall be returned to the Dean or Director for further revision or for designation as a civil service position.

Approval of new title requests rest with the Director of the State University Civil Service System, with appeal rights to the Merit Board. Any position to be exempted from the civil service system under Sec. 36e (3) of the State Universities Civil Service System Procedures Manual which may be appropriately assigned to a standard job title, as defined by SUCSS, may be exempted without SUCSS approval, and is subject to audit by SUCSS.

The Director of Human Resources shall provide a copy of the approved Administrative and Professional Position/Title Requests to the Director of Civil Rights for informational purposes.

Employees shall not be assigned to administrative positions until appropriate approvals are obtained.

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