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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#31 - Performance Evaluation of Administrative Staff

Approved: June 20, 2007

Monitor: President

Evaluation of Administrative Performance for Individuals on Annual Appointments and Continuing Appointments

An evaluation of administrative performance for individuals with annual or continuing appointments shall be prepared by the immediate supervisor no later than August 1. Performance evaluations shall be conducted on the following time table:

Years of Employment

Frequency of Performance Evaluation

0 - 5



6 - 10


At least every other year



At least every third year

These evaluations shall consider at least: program development, personnel management, affirmative action and cultural diversity enhancement, budget management, constituent relations, and overall performance.

Administrative Performance Appraisal Process for Individuals with Continuing Appointments

Administrators with continuing appointments will be evaluated in accordance with this policy. At least every three years, the supervisor will utilize the Administrative Performance Appraisal Instrument. Feedback will be collected.

  • The employee is the individual whose performance is to be reviewed. The supervisor is the individual who directly supervises the employee and assumes responsibility for conducting the performance review. The respondent provides feedback to the supervisor about the performance of the employee.
  • The employee and supervisor jointly agree on goals and objectives and their relative importance for the performance period.
  • Employee and supervisor agree on the respondents who will provide feedback in this performance period.
  • Employee and supervisor agree on supporting materials to be utilized in the process. At a minimum, core items on the Administrative Performance Appraisal instrument will be used. Copies of this instrument are available in the President’s Office.
  • The supervisor will ensure that anonymity and confidentiality of respondent feedback be maintained throughout the process.
  • The respondent will sign feedback to be collected by the supervisor. Unsigned feedback will not be used in the process.
  • The supervisor and the employee will discuss the multiple-source feedback and supporting materials prior to the preparation of the written performance appraisal.
  • By August 1, the supervisor will provide a written performance appraisal to the employee which will become a part of the University personnel file.

Distribution of Evaluation

Evaluations shall be in writing with a copy sent to the individual evaluated. Copies of the evaluation shall also be supplied to the appropriate dean or director and vice president or President, with a copy placed in the employee's official personnel file.

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