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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#26 - Benefits - Educational, Faculty and Administrative

Approved: November 4, 1992

Nomenclature changes: July 16, 1997

Monitor: Vice President for Academic Affairs

Educational benefits for negotiated faculty and staff are specified in the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreements. Educational benefits for non-negotiated administrative staff and non-negotiated temporary faculty are specified in the Board of Trustees Regulations. The following policies are established to supplement those regulations and agreement:

The maximum of two courses for full-time employees shall be interpreted as two courses or six credit hours, whichever is greater in any one academic term.

The maximum for persons employed 50% or more shall be on a pro rata basis.

Employees who take courses in the summer and are under contract for the following year, but not for the summer, are eligible for educational benefits.

A Tuition and Fee Waiver Request must be completed and approved prior to the academic term in which the course work is to be taken. Requests must be approved by the immediate supervisor, and the appropriate Dean or Director and the Department of Human Resources.

Supervisors are encouraged to grant employees time off to take courses if the scheduling of courses does not interfere with the efficient execution of the employee's regular University duties.

The Benefits Office shall be responsible for reviewing the fee waiver list from the Office of Financial Aid and certifying the eligibility of employees.

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