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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#25 - Appointment Types

Approved: April 11, 1988

Monitor: President

The following definitions have been established as guidelines for faculty and administrative appointments.

  1. Tenure-Track Appointments

    Tenure-track appointments are generally made for regular full-time teaching positions and covered by a collective bargaining agreement, and shall be governed by the terms of that agreement.
  2. Temporary Appointments

    Temporary appointments shall be for a specific purpose and term and shall not explicitly or implicitly entail any assurance of reappointment. An employee with a temporary appointment shall not be entitled to notice of non-reappointment. Some temporary appointments are covered by collective bargaining.
  3. Adjunct Appointments

    Adjunct appointments are ordinarily limited to individuals who are not employees of the University. They may be utilized in teaching duties, in research or public service programs, as consultants, or in other activities in support of University programs. They are not eligible for benefits, and shall not receive a salary.
  4. Administrative Appointments

    Administrative appointments shall include such positions as may be designated by the President subject to the statutes and rules governing the State Universities Civil Service System. Some administrative appointments are covered by collective bargaining.

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