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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#23 - Weather-Related Absences

Approved: January 21, 2004

Nomenclature changes: September 19, 2022

Monitor: President

Faculty members are expected to meet classes during adverse weather conditions unless the President, or designee, has announced official cancellation of classes or closure of the University. Should a faculty member be prevented from reaching the University, the Department Chair should be contacted and informed in advance of inability to meet a class and record absence as required EIU?s leave reporting system.

Faculty members are expected to make up missed classwork. The Department Chair shall provide appropriate assistance in these circumstances.

Students are expected to exercise good judgment in attending classes during inclement weather, and are expected to make up missed classwork.

Unless the President, or designee, officially closes the University, all employees are expected to work their scheduled hours. Those who are absent from work due to severe weather conditions must charge the absence to either leave without pay or vacation/annual/personal leave (as defined under EIU policy or collective bargaining agreements). In instances of official cancellation of classes (but no closure of the University), and an employee is unable to report to campus, eligible employees may be approved to work remotely with VP or Presidential approval. For policy in the event of official University closure, see INSTITUTIONAL EMERGENCIES POLICY, IGP No. 158.

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