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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#22 - Supplementary Personal Services

Approved: July 12, 2010

Monitor: President

Supplementary Employment

The University recognizes that faculty, administrative and civil service staff members have professional contributions to make beyond their primary employment; however, an employee's performance of assigned duties, activities and other related responsibilities for the University must be given priority over any supplementary employment for the University.

Supplementary personal services requests can be made for

  • University employees performing work outside of their regular assignment
  • Persons hired on a one-time basis (excluding independent contractors) 

Account managers requesting payments for supplementary personal services must complete a Request for Personal Services Payment form. The procedures and requirements for completing a Request for Personal Services Payment are contained in the University Processes Guide.

Outside Employment

University employees are permitted to accept outside employment provided that such employment does not interfere with an employee's assigned duties. In addition, employees are not permitted to use university facilities, personnel, resources, funds, or equipment not available to the general public in furtherance of their outside employment unless authorized by the appropriate vice-president and provided that such use is permitted by the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act.

Outside Employment by University Faculty

Pursuant to the University Faculty Research and Consulting Act, 110 ILCS 100/1, et seq., no full time member of the faculty may undertake, contract for, or accept anything of value in return for research or consulting services for any person other than the University without prior University approval.

The President has delegated responsibility for approvals and record keeping required by this Act to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.

No employees shall claim to represent the University in connection with any outside employment. 

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