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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#2 - Annuitant and Emeritus Privileges and Services

Approved: December 21, 2009

Monitor: President


“Annuitant:” The term, annuitant, includes all academic and non-academic personnel who retire from the University, and who are eligible to receive retirement benefits based on their employment at Eastern Illinois University.

“Emeritus” Status: Retired employees who meet the following criteria shall also be accorded the prerogative of appending the term “Emeritus” to the title they held while employed: 

  • They hold faculty rank in the Division of Academic Affairs,
  • They have completed at least 10 years of continuous full-time service, and
  • They shall have retired in good standing from Eastern Illinois University.

Privileges and Services for Annuitants:

The privileges and services set forth below apply to all University annuitants. Unless specified otherwise, they are shared by the annuitant’s spouse, as well as the surviving spouse of a deceased annuitant unless remarried.

A permanent identification card for annuitants and their spouses shall be provided by the Department of Telecommunications.

Complimentary parking in staff lots on campus, shall be provided by the University Police Department, upon request.

The appropriate local or out-of-town address and telephone number shall be included in the University staff directory.

Limited duplicating and copying services are available on the same cost and cash basis as those provided for active University personnel. 

Assistance in keeping abreast of changes in retirement, insurance and similar matters is available through the appropriate University office.

Annuitants may take course work with waiver of tuition and fees as outlined in the Board of Trustees Regulations.

The same library privileges which are available to all University employees are available to annuitants. Their identification card is the authorization required to use the facilities. 

Admission to University cultural, musical, athletic, theater and other events where admission is charged is available to annuitants on the same basis as for active University employees.

Annuitants shall have the same opportunity for use of recreational facilities as active university employees.

University email accounts will be continued for annuitants who receive such accounts as University employees. Home service visits will not be provided. 

A permanent file of annuitants and their spouses shall be maintained in the computer for information, study, and mailing purposes.

Privileges and Services for Emeritus Faculty:

Emeriti are authorized to use University letterhead and envelopes or other appropriate departmental letterhead for professional purposes. Supplies and limited stenographic assistance for professional correspondence may be arranged through the retiree's departmental office.

Subject to availability and with the consent of the department chair, an emeritus faculty member may use departmental office and laboratory facilities. Keys may be issued to the retiree in the same manner as for regular staff, with the approval of the department chair.

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