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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#189 - Furlough Policy

Approved: January 28, 2010

Monitor: Vice President for Business Affairs

As warranted by financial conditions including revenue shortfalls, reductions in state appropriations, or other financial emergencies, the University may implement furloughs as a temporary cost-saving measure. A furlough is an unpaid leave of absence during which time furloughed employees shall not perform any of their usual and customary job duties.

In the event a furlough is deemed necessary by the President, the number of furlough days will be communicated to employees as soon as possible and every effort will be made to provide notification at least 30 days in advance. Upon consultation with the President, each Vice President will submit a plan to the President to include a list of employees to be furloughed in their area, the number of required furlough days, and the projected cost savings.

Supervisors and department heads will work with employees to schedule furlough days in a manner that considers operational need and employee scheduling preference. Employees will not be required to take more than 24 working days of furlough in any 12-month period. Salary reductions will be made according to the normal daily rate of pay for the employee’s primary position as calculated by the Vice President for Business Affairs. Procedures for implementing furloughs and a summary of associated cost savings will be published and maintained on the Vice President for Business Affairs Web site.

This policy applies to all employees regardless of funding source and includes the President and Vice Presidents. Implementation of furloughs for union-represented employees, civil service personnel, and grant-funded employees will be done in accordance with established rules, statutes, collective bargaining requirements, and grant provisions.

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