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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#183 - Policy Distribution

Approved: February 23, 2009

Monitor: President

When a new or revised policy has been approved by the President, the responsibility for distribution of the policy is established as follows:

  1. The Secretary of the President's Council shall send a copy of the approved policy to the President's Council members and the Director of Internal Auditing within two weeks of approval.

  2. Vice Presidents are responsible for distributing a copy to other staff members in their areas, as appropriate.

  3. The Office of Internal Auditing will update new and revised policies on the Office of Internal Auditing's web site upon receipt of its copy of the approved policy. The Office of Internal Auditing’s web site shall be considered the University's official copy of the policies.

  4. The Office of Internal Auditing will place a notice in the University Newsletter following President's Council meetings in which action took place.

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