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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#170 - Retail Sales on University Property

Approved: August 16, 2000

Monitor: Vice President for Student Affairs

The University shall abide by all applicable statutes and laws in regard to the retail sale of merchandise on University property. Refer to 110 ILCS 115/1 which permits the sale of food, beverages, and items connected with the operation of the institution, or items sold before January 1, 1980.

The following guidelines are established in the interest of maintaining satisfactory relations with the local business community.

After receiving information from the instructor concerning instructional materials which students may be expected to purchase, the University Union Bookstore shall notify all appropriate external vendors. A list of local vendors, where books and supplies may be purchased, shall be posted in the University Union Bookstore.

University Union Bookstore

The Bookstore shall restrict its advertising to University media.

The pricing system in the University Union Bookstore shall be consistent, both in pricing and practice, with accepted standards of the local business community.

Merchandise that is received pre-priced shall continue to be sold by the Bookstore at the pre-priced amount. If merchandise is not pre-priced, the Bookstore shall sell such merchandise at the wholesalers suggested retail price, if one can be determined. On special occasions, when necessary to clear the inventory of merchandise that has accumulated and not been sold, the Bookstore shall offer such merchandise at a lower price.

Other Areas

Retail sales in other areas, such as Athletics, Eastern News and Tarble Arts Center, shall be conducted in accordance with the state statutes. Concerns of the local business community shall be considered in all sales.

Supplementary Textbooks

The Textbook Rental Service shall notify the University Union Bookstore, and those Charleston booksellers who have requested such notification, of approved items on the Supplementary Textbook List, indicating the course and sections and the expected enrollment in those sections.

On-Campus Sales by Outside Vendors

Any camp or conference, including those in Athletics, must include in their pre-planning as proposed to the Office of Camps and Conferences any sale of food, services, or materials to be instituted in conjunction with the camp or attendant thereto. Approval for such sale or services must be secured from the Office of Camps and Conferences in advance of the date on which the camp or conference is to be held.

For non-camp/conference events, any sale of products, including food, which involves the presence of an outside vendor on the campus must be approved in advance of such sale by the appropriate Vice President. Sale items which might involve the residence halls will be ruled on after consultation with the Director of Housing and Dining Services.

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