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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#17 - Medical Examinations

Approved: September 17, 2018

Monitor: Vice President for Business Affairs

Pre-Employment Examinations

At the time of the initial offer of employment, all persons to be employed in the following positions shall complete a medical history form and shall submit to a medical examination. Successful completion of the examination, as determined by the University Health Service, shall be required as a condition of employment.

  1. Positions in Food Service
  2. Positions where unusual physical or psychological demands are made.
  3. Positions where unusual physical hazards exist.

Current employees being considered for reallocation or reclassification to a position identified above shall complete the medical history form and successfully pass the medical examination prior to assuming the duties of the position.

The Department of Human Resources is responsible for determining which positions require examinations and for scheduling the examinations. The University Health Service shall administer tests appropriate for the position and shall provide the examination results to the Department of Human Resources.

Refusal of an employee or job applicant to complete a medical examination shall result in the loss of eligibility for employment in the position. Falsification of the medical history shall result in disciplinary action, including discharge, of an employee and removal of a job applicant's name from the employment register.

Employee Examinations*

Prior to returning to work after a major illness, an illness resulting in an absence from work of more than five days, a pattern of absences, and/or an injury, an employee may be required to obtain a statement from the employee's personal physician indicating fitness to return to work. Return to work forms are available at the Employment Division of Human Resources. The University Health Service shall review the physician's statement prior to the employee's return to work and provide the Department of Human Resources with a recommendation.

The Department of Human Resources may require an employee to obtain a medical examination by a doctor chosen by the department and paid for by the University if it is believed that the employee is unable to perform assigned duties due to illness, pattern of illness, injury, or disability.

An employee may be required to recertify the medical examination if the physical demands of the job change or if the employee appears to exhibit a change in fitness for duty.

Final Authority

Final determination of fitness for duty is the responsibility of the Department of Human Resources in consultation with the University Health Service.

*Negotiated Faculty should also consult the EIU/UPI Agreement.

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