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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#162 - Vehicle Control, Bicycle Regulations

Approved: January 3, 1996

Monitor: Vice President for Student Affairs


The term "bicycle" shall include any two-wheeled vehicle which is propelled by human power. It shall not include vehicles propelled by a motor or engine of any kind.

The term "campus" shall include all property owned or controlled by Eastern Illinois University.


All University faculty, staff, or students who wish to operate, park, or store a bicycle on campus shall register the bicycle with the University Police Department.

Operation and Parking and Penalties for Violations

All bicycles shall be operated reasonably and properly with due regard for safety of the rider, pedestrians and other vehicular traffic. Penalty for violations: $25.00.

Bicycles shall be parked in racks provided in the area designated for bicycle parking. Illegally parked bicycles may be removed and impounded by the University Police at the owner's expense.

Bicycles operated at night must have headlights. Penalty for violation: $5.00.

Bicycles parked at handicap ramps or in such a fashion as to impede normal foot traffic may be immediately removed and impounded by the University Police. Penalty for violation: $25.00.

A fourth offense may result in referral to University officials for disciplinary action.

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