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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#156.1 - Workplace Violence

Approved: April 24, 2012

Monitor: Vice President for Student Affairs

As an academic community, Eastern Illinois University does not permit workplace violence. Consequently, the University will not tolerate any type of violence committed by or against employees, including student employees. Incidents involving faculty and staff shall be handled in accordance with this policy, applicable employment regulations, and collective bargaining agreements. Incidents involving students shall be administered by the Student Standards Office in accordance with this policy and the Student Conduct Code.

The following list, while not all inclusive, provides examples of behavior or conduct that is prohibited under this policy:

  • intentionally and unlawfully causing physical injury to another person;
  • aggressive, reckless or hostile behavior that causes bodily harm or reasonable fear of bodily harm to another person;
  • intentionally damaging University property or property of another employee, student, or the public;
  • making threatening remarks or issuing verbal challenges of physical harm; or
  • provoking violent behavior in others.

Threats, threatening conduct, or any acts of aggression or violence in the workplace shall not be tolerated. Any employee determined to have committed such acts shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.

Any situation which may provoke violent behavior shall be reported to the appropriate supervisor of the employee exhibiting the behavior. The supervisor will investigate the situation and take appropriate disciplinary action when warranted.

Persons, other than faculty, staff and students, engaging in violent acts while on the University’s premises or any situation which is imminently violent or perceived to be violent shall be reported to the University Police Department.

Any employee or student who is fearful of reporting an incident or perceived threat may confidentially seek assistance and guidance through the Office of Employee and Labor Relations.

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