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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#151 - Alcoholic Liquors, Tailgating Activities

Approved: July 24, 2012

Monitor: Vice President for Student Affairs

Tailgating is permitted prior to home football games to provide social opportunities for small, private groups and to encourage attendance at the game. Tailgating will be allowed in designated areas west of O'Brien Field. The only alcoholic liquor permitted at tailgating is beer.
The following regulations apply:
  1. Tailgate activities may begin three hours before game time and must conclude fifteen minutes prior to game time.
  2. Kegs (small or large) are not allowed in the tailgating area. Glass bottles, drinking glasses, and other glass containers are not permitted in the tailgating area. Exceptionally large containers designed to hold multiple individual servings shall not be permitted. Devices used to increase the consumption of alcohol (e.g. funnels) are prohibited.
  3. Only persons twenty-one years of age or older may possess or consume alcoholic liquors.
  4. No persons shall sell, give, or deliver alcoholic liquors to another person under twenty-one years of age.
  5. Any behavior deemed to be unruly or disorderly that disturbs other tailgaters will not be tolerated.
  6. Tailgaters are expected to attend the game.
  7. Pets and large vehicles are not permitted in the student tailgating area. 

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