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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#146 - Use of University Facilities and Grounds - Usage Charges

Approved: March 28, 2007

Monitor: Vice President for Student Affairs

Users of University facilities and grounds shall be charged a usage fee as set forth in the Schedule of Charges, available in the Campus Scheduling Office, with the exceptions set forth below:

  1. The Campus Scheduling Office shall be responsible for negotiating rates with the Office of Camps and Conference Housing for all usage charges and with the School Continuing Education for rooms in the University Union and other general facilities such as auditoriums, gymnasiums, etc. Programs and activities organized and scheduled through those departments shall be charged a negotiated rate between $0 and the amount set forth in the Schedule of Charges, depending upon the desirability of the program and its ability to pay.
  2. Usage fees may be waived or reduced provided the President of the University determines (1) that the program is important to the University, (2) that the proposal to bring the program to the University is competitive, or (3) that the activity or the scheduling organization has a special relationship to the University.
  3. Official University users (offices, councils, committees, boards, Faculty Senate, Student Government, and University Board) shall not be charged a usage fee even if an admission or registration fee is charged for a scheduled event or activity.
  4. Other institutional users (approved student organizations, Parents Club, Alumni Association, Panther Club, EIU Foundation, University Club, etc.) shall be charged the scheduled usage fee only if an admission or registration fee is charged. Departments shall be charged for conferences to offset set-up and cleaning expenses.

All charges are to be collected by the Campus Scheduling Office. Charges collected for use of University Union facilities shall be deposited in a University Union account. Charges collected for the use of other institutional facilities and space shall be deposited in the Facilities Planning and Management Maintenance Account, with the income to be used to offset standard maintenance expenses.

Overtime and extra help expenses associated with events will continue to be charged to an account in the University Union. Any supplies and special equipment expenses will also be charged to the account.

Contracts involving obligations for space and facilities shall be signed by the appropriate agent of the University only after certification by the Campus Scheduling Office that all facilities and space have been properly scheduled.

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