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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#141 - Unlocking and Locking Facilities Responsibility

Approved: December 23, 2019

Monitor: Vice President for Business Affairs

Responsibility for unlocking facilities has been assigned as follows:

Faculty and Staff

Faculty members shall be responsible for unlocking their classrooms. Faculty and staff members shall be responsible for unlocking and locking their offices. Department Chairs are responsible for unlocking and locking special facilities.

Custodial Staff

The University Police Department (UPD) and/or custodial staff members are responsible for unlocking all outside doors and lecture room doors from Monday 5:00 a.m. to Friday midnight and for Lantz Building doors during the weekend.

UPD and/or custodial staff shall lock doors at predetermined building times.

University Police

The University Police are responsible for unlocking and locking doors during the weekend and other periods when custodial staff members are unavailable.

Office of Campus Scheduling

For special events, Campus Scheduling shall notify the appropriate office, in writing at least twenty-four hours in advance, of the special requirements for unlocking and locking facilities.

Emergency Unlocking

In the event faculty or staff members do not have their keys, the department head shall be responsible for unlocking and locking the classroom or office. If the department head is unavailable, the University Police shall provide emergency backup to unlock the classroom or office. In this event, individuals who are locked out of a room may be required to show a valid University identification card and, in some cases, prove authorization to enter the room.

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