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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#140 - Space Assignments or Reassignments

Approved: March 26, 1997

Monitor: President

This policy applies to all University-occupied space, including existing space assignments, proposed space reassignment, and the assignment of new space. The NCES Post Secondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (1994) shall be used to define types of space under this policy.

The term space, as used in this policy, shall be defined as net assignable square footage. All square footage of building space which is considered non-assignable shall be managed exclusively by the Director of Facilities Planning and Management and will remain non-assignable except with the express written release of the Vice President for Business Affairs.

Request for space assignment/reassignment may originate from any faculty or staff member, as well as any recognized student, faculty or staff organization.

Facilities Planning and Management Responsibilities

Facilities Planning and Management (FPM) shall maintain the official University space inventory records. It shall recommend assignment or reassignment of space. FPM shall provide information on space classification as requested and shall be the final arbiter of classifications. FPM shall provide information for reports on space utilization and shall update and maintain space records as required to keep the University's space inventory current.

Departmental Responsibilities

Each department occupying University space shall be responsible for checking on an annual basis the accuracy of the inventory as to room number and area for all assigned spaces. Each department shall determine the classification of each room as to type, and ensure that type and facility as reported to FPM agrees with the actual usage of the room. Each department shall indicate the functions (teaching, research, extension) conducted in each room by source of funds (federal, state general revenue, revenue bond, foundation, local) used to accomplish the functions.

Procedure for Space Assignment/Reassignment Requests

  1. Requests for space reassignment shall be submitted on forms developed and provided by FPM.
  2. Requests shall be forwarded by the appropriate department head, dean or director to the appropriate vice president for review and approval.
  3. The appropriate vice president shall forward the approved space reallocation request to the Vice President for Business Affairs. The Vice President for Business Affairs shall consult with parties immediately affected by the requested reallocation and submit a recommendation to the President. The decision of the President shall be final.
  4. All space assignment or reassignment requests, whether approved or not approved, shall be returned to the Director of Facilities Planning and Management, who will notify the requestor of disposition.

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