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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#131 - Food and Beverage Vending

Approved: May 2, 2007

Monitor: Vice President for Business Affairs

Food and beverage vending machine installations shall be coordinated by the Director of Purchases in consultation with the appropriate area's vending manager. Servicing the food and beverage vending machines are the responsibility of the vendor.

Contractual Arrangements

The preparation of specifications, the advertising for bids and the contractual agreements with vendors for all vending machines shall be the responsibility of the Director of Purchases. Specifications will be developed in collaboration with the Dean, Director, Department Head or Vice President responsible for the area in which the vending equipment will be installed.

All vending machines shall be equipped with meters to record each sale. The meters shall be in a separate, locked area of the equipment.

Pricing and Revenue

Pricing for like items dispensed through food and beverage vending machines shall be the same across campus.

Revenue generated by food and beverage vending machines shall be reported to the Cashier's Office with an itemized accounting of the sales and revenues for each installation on campus.

Revenues from sales shall be distributed as follows:

  1. Revenues from revenue bond entity installations, including the Student Recreation Center, shall be credited to the appropriate revenue bond accounts.
  2. Revenues from other vending machine installations shall be deposited in the lounge account.

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