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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#120 - Courtesy Automobiles

Approved: February 10, 1993

Monitor: Vice President for Business Affairs

The University permits the acquisition and use of courtesy automobiles through local and area automobile dealers only under the following conditions:

  1. All new requests for courtesy automobile acquisition shall be reviewed by the appropriate Vice President or President prior to submission to the Vice President for Business Affairs. The request shall be accompanied by:
    1. an agreement stating the make, model, serial number, engine size, number of doors, and color of the automobile;
    2. the name and address of the dealership providing the automobile;
    3. the fair market value of the automobile;
    4. the terms and conditions under which the automobile is being requested; and
    5. the name and position of the individual to whom the vehicle will be assigned.
  2. After approval by the Vice President for Business Affairs, the agreement shall be forwarded to the dealer.
  3. The Vice President for Business Affairs, or designee, shall inform the appropriate campus individuals to secure insurance and licensing for the vehicle, and procedures concerning taxable income.
  4. The University assumes liability for the vehicle upon approval of the agreement by the Vice President for Business Affairs, or designee. State liability and Board of Governors Self-Insurance physical damage auto insurance coverage is limited to operation of the vehicle within the scope of employment.

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