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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#113 - Business Expense Reimbursement for Food Purchases

Approved: January 9, 2002

Nomenclature changes: December 22, 2006

Monitor: Vice President for Business Affairs

The following policies and procedures apply to the purchase of food with University funds, regardless of the funding source. The term "food" does not include alcoholic beverages, the purchase of which is excluded under this policy.

For Faculty and Staff Recruitment

The Department or College is responsible for providing funds for meals and receptions in connection with faculty and staff recruitment activities and entertainment of candidates on campus.

For Guests of the University

Guests of the University may purchase their own meals, report them as expenses, and be reimbursed through the expense reimbursement process.

When it is necessary or desirable to host a campus visitor for a meal involving University employees, expenditures from funds available within the Department or College may be approved by the appropriate Dean or Director.

When it is desirable to host a reception for a guest of the University for the purpose of having students, faculty and staff members, and others meet with the guest, the appropriate Dean or Director may authorize, in advance, expenses from funds available within the Department or College for this purpose.

For Entertainment of Students, Faculty and Staff by Unit Heads

Social activities involving students, faculty and staff shall be paid by the individuals hosting the social event, with the following exception.

When a Unit Head hosts a meeting or reception which has a purpose related directly to the program of the department or unit (e.g., a reception for department majors and/or faculty members, a student or student-faculty advisory committee, a recognition ceremony for student awards, a reception for graduates, a reception for new faculty members), funds available within the department may be used for the purpose with the approval of the appropriate Dean or Director.

Approval Authority

The cost of meals provided for candidates and hosts or for guests of the University may be reimbursed. The account manager may approve reimbursement when the cost is not more than one and one-half times the maximum allowable rate for employees in travel status. When the cost is greater, reimbursement must be approved by the appropriate Vice President or designee.


Any other proposed expenditure of funds for food purchases not covered above requires the advance approval of the appropriate Dean or Director. Such requests must be submitted in writing indicating the specific purpose of the proposed expenditure and an estimate of the amount to be expended. A copy of the approval must be attached to the reimbursement request.

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