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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#109 - Purchase of Flowers and Gifts

Approved: December 21, 2005

Monitor: Vice President for Business Affairs

Only unrestricted gift funds may be used to purchase flowers and/or gifts for friends of the University (e.g., donors, alumni, et al) or employees in recognition of philanthropic gifts. Approval for such purchases in the amount of $100 per item or less must be obtained from the appropriate dean/director or designee.

Approval of such purchases in excess of $100 must be obtained from the appropriate dean/director or designee and vice president. 

The presentation of gifts in lieu of payment for services is not allowed. Payment for services shall be by contractual agreement and paid from contractual services funds or through the payroll system. Payments to University employees must be through the payroll system. Under no circumstances is any University employee required to contribute to a gift for anyone.

Any requests for exceptions to this policy must be recommended by the appropriate Vice President and approved by the President.

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