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Graduate School Timeline

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Freshman/Sophomore Years 

  • Begin exploring academic and career interests.
  • Do Discover (online assessment program).
  • Utilize resources available at Career Services.
  • Schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor.
  • Do an Externship to be sure about your career choice.
  • Join a student organization and get volunteer experience.


Junior Year

  • Research areas of interest by talking to faculty, advisors, and professionals in the field. 
  • Request and review program materials via the web.
  • Register and prepare for graduate admission tests.  Be aware of test dates and register in plenty of time. 
  • Visit schools of intererst.
  • Establish a portfolio and gather letters of recommendation. 
  • Start your personal statement/essay.


Summer before Senior Year

  • Have your personal statement/essay reviewed by a Career Advisor or faculty member.
  • Take graduate admissions tests if not already completed.
  • Narrow list of schools and request application materials.


Senior Year-Fall Semester

  • Finalize your personal statement/essay.
  • Complete and mail application materials.
  • Request OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS be sent.
  • Complete financial aid forms.
  • Send letters of recommendation.
  • Schedule a mock interview with a Career Advisor.


Senior Year-Spring Semester

  • Attend interviews if necessary.
  • Discuss your offers with a Career Advisor/Faculty member.
  • Send updated transcripts (if required).
  • Once you have made your decision, notify other institutions you've applied to so that they can remove your name from the list.
  • Send thank you notes to your evaluators.
  • Inform Career Advisors/Faculty members of your future plans.


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