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Focus 2 Online Assessment Program

Focus 2 is an online, interactive career and education planning system that combines self-assessment, career exploration and decision making into one comprehensive program.  It is a powerful tool for major and career exploration and personal development.  

This web-based program allows you to learn about yourself, what types of majors and careers may match your interests and abilities and what educational path you'll need to take to pursue those careers.  Focus 2 provides: 

• Career Assessments
• Occupational Advice
• Videos About Various Career Fields 
• Career Planning Tools 
• Career Options by Education Level
• Side-by-Side Occupation Comparisons

An access code is required in order to use Focus 2. 

Step 1:
Call 217-581-2412 or e-mail Bobbi Kingery, rkingery@eiu.edu if you were not provided the access code by your course instructor.         

Step 2:
Go to: https://www.focuscareer2.com/portal/login.cfm?SID=959 and fill out a new user form.   

PLEASE NOTE:  Your username MUST be your e-mail address!!    

Step 3:
Schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor for interpretation and assessment of your Focus 2 results.  Together, you can move forward with setting goals and establishing a career action plan.    

Focus 2 can help with:  

Career Exploration
Discover where you are in the career planning process by brainstorming your goals, strengths, and skills.   If you have some ideas about the direction you would like to take in terms of a career, learn about the different areas where you could improve in order to become the best possible job candidate. 


Major Exploration
Learning more about your personality, skills, and values is one of the first steps in deciding what major is the right fit for you.   Take any of the 5 self-assessments to gain more insight into who you are and what environments you would thrive in.   Once completed, you have the option of combining any of the results from these assessments to see which major (or career) might be a good fit.  


Comparing two occupations
If you are trying to decide between multiple occupations, this tool allows you to compare education requirements, duties, skills, values, salary ranges, and outlook for the future.   You can even see how your interest scores (which are determined through completing one of the personality assessments) compare to the typical interests for someone who is already working in this occupation.


What can I do with a major in...?
Whether you are undecided or have already chosen a major, this resource allows you to see which occupations may be an option.   Select your major of choice and explore the possibilities.