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General Overview of MEI

A signature AAC&U initiative, Making Excellence Inclusive is designed to explore how colleges and universities can fully utilize the resources of diversity to achieve academic excellence for all students. This initiative builds upon decades of campus work to build more inclusive communities, established scholarship on diversity that has transformed disciplines, and extensive research on student learning that has altered the landscape of the academy. Over time, colleges have begun to understand that diversity, in all of its complexity, is about much more than a diversity program or having students of color on campus. Rather, incorporating diversity into campus life raises profound questions about higher education’s mission and values.

While many campus leaders agree on the need for systemic change, separate initiatives that have been insufficiently linked to the core academic mission and inadequately coordinated across different parts of the academy typify current institutional engagement with diversity. Making Excellence Inclusive aims to understand how higher education can coherently and comprehensively link its diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives to its essential educational mission.



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