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October 23, 2015


Eastern Illinois University Foundation Annual Meeting


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Annual Meeting 2015






Bill Robinson

A Message from the President of YOUR EIU Foundation!

40 years ago there was a 20 year old junior student at Eastern Illinois University developing the knowledge and skills to prepare him for life. In addition to the degree and educational experience Eastern provided, he left Charleston in 1976 with friends, work ethic, social skills, and a wife. Eastern prepared me for success. The Eastern Illinois University Foundation, provides the opportunity for current and future EIU students to capitalize on the opportunities that an Eastern educational experience provides!

I am indeed fortunate and honored to serve as the 2014-2015 President of YOUR Eastern Illinois University Foundation's Board of Directors. Eastern Illinois University has been a catalyst that has enriched all of our lives through the years.

As members of the Foundation, we have a responsibility to our current and future students to help make their Eastern Illinois University educational experience as rewarding and economically feasible as possible. Through our work, we provide scholarships and grants that enhance the Eastern experience. The number of scholarships has increased by more than 50% in the last four years and the size of the Foundation has grown to nearly $80 million.

All of your commitment and work is making a significant difference and should have a long term favorable effect on the Eastern educational experience. 

We are proud to work closely with all members of Eastern's Foundation, University Staff, Alumni, and City of Charleston, Counties, and State Governments to build a strong, growing vibrant Foundation and University. In this economy and tough budget environment, the work of the Foundation is more important than it has ever been.

This is "our" Foundation, the more people, especially, Alumni, that participate, via donations of time, money assets, and even thought equity, the stronger the Foundation will become.

We welcome everyone's participation, and extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for everyone that helps make the Foundation's vision become a reality.

Thank you, We are EIU and we Bleed Blue!

Warm Regards,

Bill Robinson (Class of 1976) 
Eastern Illinois University Foundation
Board of Directors









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Our Mission...

The Eastern Illinois University Foundation exists for the following purposes:
To encourage and provide private support to Eastern Illinois University, including the region which the University serves, and to promote the ideals of volunteerism and philanthropy among alumni, friends, and employees of the University;
To assist and support Eastern Illinois University's educational and cultural mission through encouraging philanthropic gifts of cash, property and other materials of educational and artistic value;
To enhance the educational activities of Eastern Illinois University students and employees by participating in and supporting academic and artistic programming through scholarships and grants.