Customized Teaching with Primary Source Institutes

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Click here to download a brochure with additional information about EIUTPS Customized Teaching with Primary Source Institutes.

If you are part of a team of educators teaching a common topic or theme, appreciates an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues to discuss content and curriculum, enjoys creating learning experiences that incorporate resources from the Library of Congress and would like to earn classroom equipment… 
                  WE WANT TO WORK WITH YOU!

YOU choose the topic or theme! 

PLEASE NOTE: Prior participation in either An Adventure of the American Mind or Teaching with Primary Sources professional development or a high level of knowledge and comfort with the  Library of Congress website is required for all or the majority of attendees.  The Institute is an advanced (Level Two) training program through the Library of Congress TPS program which builds on basic TPS skills and encourages growth through:
     ► Interdisciplinary and/or subject-specific applications
         of digitized primary sources
     ► Development and incorporation of evaluation
         strategies and instruments.

New educators are welcome with the understanding that AAM/TPS alumni will assist and mentor them as needed in the classroom.   

Is a Customized Teaching with Primary Sources Institute an option for you?

Step 1. Identify a theme or topic covered by multiple teachers. 
     ►The theme may be as broad as a era or place or as
     specific as an individual in a particular time period. 
     (Ex.  Civil War, Elections or the dust bowl photography
     of Dorothea Lange)
     ►Collections of the Library of Congress are vast,
     diverse and hold items relevant to most topics. 
     However, some modern events and individuals are not
     well represented so please contact us with questions
     about a topic. 

Step 2. Select a group of five to seven fellow educators that teach the selected topic/theme who will commit to a minimum of 11 hours of collaboration.

Step 3. Meet as a group and decide if you would like to meet at a local site or on the EIU campus.  Brainstorm possible dates.

Step 4. Submit the following information to EIUTPS via email (, fax (217-581-2518) or U.S. Mail to Dr. Cindy Rich (TPS), EIU CEPS, 600 Lincoln Ave., Charleston, IL 61920 

1. Topic or theme
2. School name and address.
3. Name of primary contact
4. Primary contact phone number
5. Primary contact email
6. Names and teaching assignments of those that intend to participate (minimum 5 maximum 7)
7. Names of teachers with Adventure of the American Mind or Teaching with Primary Sources professional development experience.  When and where? (Ex. X School, Fall ‘05)
8. Briefly describe (in general terms) current use of primary sources and the Library of Congress website (if any) in the classroom by members of the team. 
9. Why are you interested in having a Customized Teaching with Primary Sources Institute?
10. Preferred location (lab) & possible dates

Participants gain:

► Increased content knowledge
► Opportunities for collaboration with peers on curriculum themes, objectives and expectations.
► Knowledge of best practices using primary sources in the classroom
► Support and guidance to create a learning experience to implement in the classroom.
► Encouragement to share with colleagues through presentations or  publication.
► An opportunity to become a  Library of Congress Ambassador.

Customized Teaching with Primary Sources Institute participants will:

►Attend ALL sessions. 
►Collaborate with EIUTPS staff to design and submit an exemplary learning experience  incorporating Library of Congress primary sources.  
►Participate by sharing lessons and providing constructive peer reviews.
► Implement the learning experience with students, collect and analyze student work samples and submit a reflection and analysis of the lesson. 
►Participate in a focus group meeting after all learning experiences are implemented. Meeting type (online or face to face) and  date to be determined.

Customized Teaching with Primary Sources Institute Goals

Certified K-12 educators who previously participated in AAM or TPS professional   development are invited to create a cohort of teachers to schedule and      participate in a Customized Teaching with Primary Sources Institute with the following goals:  

Enhance content knowledge:
►When possible, feature guest speakers with expertise on theme or topic.
►Research the Library of Congress website for relevant primary sources.
►Collaborate and share knowledge with colleagues on resources, findings and  classroom application.
►Identify and when possible incorporate  local sites, activities and events relative to topic or theme.   

Identify and employ best instructional practices for teaching with primary sources:
►Present information on best instructional practices for teaching with primary sources.
►Identify and model strategies within existing lessons integrating primary sources. 

Design, implement & assess individual  standards-based learning experience  integrating primary sources from the  Library of Congress relative to the theme exemplifying best practices in teaching with primary sources:
► Design a learning experience integrating best practices using primary sources.
► Share and peer review lessons.
► Implement, reflect upon and assess  individual lesson.


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