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 Andrew O McLaughlin

Andrew O McLaughlin

Basic Course Instructor - CMN 1310

Office: 1420 - Coleman Hall
Phone: 217-581-6950
Fax: 217-581-5718
Email: aomclaughlin@eiu.edu
My research interests lie in documentary film, the rhetoric of war, nuclear rhetoric, and the frequency of ideographic language used in political talk-radio.  I was in the military for seven years and did a one year tour of Iraq.  I'm an advocate for the notion that all life experiences are beneficial to building one's character and that everyone should take the opportunity to travel the world when the prospect presents itself.   I currently enjoy bike touring, taking graduate courses, collecting vinyl records, and cooking at home.

My office hours are:

Tuesday from 8:30-9:30am

Thursday from 12:30-1:30pm

and by appointment 

Frequently Taught Courses

CMN 1310 - Introduction to Speech Communication 

TA - CMN 3100 - Persuasion

TA - CMN 2030 - Applied Communication 


B.A. in Communication at Eastern Illinois University
  •      Concentration: Rhetoric and Public Advocacy
  •      Minor: Film Studies
M.A. in Communication (in progress) at Eastern Illinois University 
  •      Concentration: Critical / Cultural Studies

Professional Organizations

Rhetoric Society of America
Pop Culture Association / American Culture Association 


Documentary Production, Political Rhetoric, Rhetoric of War, Persuasion/Argumentation, Critical Cultural Studies, Alternative Media, Radical Media, Digital Video Production, Combat/Post-Combat literature Veteran Communities and Subcultures, Experimental Media, Visual Communication, New Media Production, Public Address.

Selected Conference Presentations

McLaughlin, A. (2013, April).  A Soldier’s Home, Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, Presenter.
McLaughlin, A. (2013, April). Towards a Punk Praxis? Punk, Community and Civic Engagement, Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, Panelist.
McLaughlin, A. (2010, May). Words of Wisdom in an Overly Progressive Race for Armament: A Study of Anti-Nuclear Rhetoric, Rhetoric Society of America, Session Chair/Presenter.

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