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Two electives selected from the following (students are strongly encouraged to have an internship as one of the two ENT electives): 

ACC 3400 Introduction to Income Taxation
AET 4243 Construction Project Management
AET 4843 Statistical Quality Assurance
AET 4943 Manufacturing Management
AET/MGT 4800 Management of Innovation and Technology
BUS 3500 Management Information Systems
CTE 3000 Consumers in the Marketplace
FCS 3300 Consumer Education                                               
FCS 3740 Professional Hospitality Meeting Management                               FCS 3756 Community Nutrition
FCS 4320 Destination Management                                                          FCS 4345 Advanced Lodging Administration                                               FCS 4846 Aging and the Family                                                              FCS 4926 Public Presentation Techniques
FCS 4940 Food Systems Management                                                      FIN 3740 Real Estate Fundamentals
FIN 3900 Risk and Insurance
FLF 3220 French for Business
FLF 3304 French Civilization
FLG 3200 German Culture and Civilization
FLG 3330 German for Business
FLS 3201 Business Spanish
FLS 4310/4320 Civilization and Culture of Spain
MGT 3450 Human Resources Management
MGT 3830 Managerial Communications
MGT 4330 Entrepreneurial Law
MIS 3505 Advanced Microcomputer Applications and Development
MIS 3515 Information Presentation
MIS 3530 Business Web Site Design
MAR 3780 Promotion Management
MAR 3875 Retail Management
MAR 4470 Professional Sales
OPD 4860 Facilitating Learning and Project Groups
OPD 4870 Developing Critical Thinking in the Workplace
OPD 4880 Productive Work Teams
XXX 4275 Internship (an internship completed through an appropriate university department)* 

*An internship used as an elective in the Entrepreneurship Minor must be approved in advance by the School of Business Chair upon recommendation of the Entrepreneurship Minor Committee.

Other courses may be submitted to the Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee for approval as entrepreneurship electives.


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