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Alumni Career Services 

Career Services is only for current students, right?   Wrong!  

Career Services knows that career development is a lifelong, ongoing process that does not end when you graduate.   EIU Career Services has a 90+ year history of successfully serving not only current students, but also alumni in a centralized career center. 

Our mission is to provide career development programs and services that address the holistic needs of each individual.   Our focus is on education, not placement.    

As an alumnus, we encourage you to utilize the resources available through Career Services. Whether it is to continue a job search, start a new one or just looking for advice, Career Services is here to support you through your career transition.   

Check out our online resources and tutorials on the right side menu!  

Need Assistance?   Schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor by calling 217-581-2412.  

Too far to travel to EIU?   Assistance can also be arranged through phone appointments or via e-mail correspondence.    





Online Career Assessments

  • Need help with Career Direction?   Career Services offers online assessment tools and counseling for EIU alumni. 

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Networking Opportunities

Employers - recruit an EIU alum!