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Preparing to be an EVB Major

As EVB is a science degree, the more prepared you are, the better off you will be. Here are just a few things to consider.

High School Students

Take as much science and math as you can while you do not have to pay for it — your parents will thank you! When students come in deficient in math, it can slow their progress towards calculus, which is required in nearly all biology programs nationwide. This also may slow down progress in chemistry, which may delay your ability to take upper division biology courses.

Of course, if you can take AP calculus, this is great. Otherwise, push to be as far along in math as possible. Also, remember to take your foreign language in high school so you won’t have to take time from your major to do it at EIU.

Community College Transfers

Many students opt to begin their academic careers at a local community college before transferring to EIU. For some students, this works well, for others, not as well. To make sure that you will not be behind by the time you arrive on campus, make sure that you are fulfilling EVB requirements at your community college. This means calculus, chemistry and biology courses.

Please look at the EVB course guide. It has a suggested timeline to follow. Make sure that you are progressing as you should. You won’t save any money if you take care of all of your general education requirements, but need to stay and extra semester or two to complete your EVB requirements.

Also, make sure that you are taking the right classes that will transfer in as our requirements. You can get this information from your community college or by checking here.