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Code of Conduct

User Code of Conduct 

Booth Library users are to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that does not interfere with others, and that is in keeping with the nature of the library's programs and services. The library provides areas for reading, study, consultation, examination, and selection of library materials, and related library activities. Any activity or behavior not connected with these purposes is inappropriate. Examples of inappropriate activities or behavior include but are not limited to:

    engaging in activity disruptive or offensive to others

    harassing (physically, sexually, or verbally) other library users or library staff

    drinking/eating outside designated areas

    smoking or using smokeless tobacco

    being in unauthorized areas of the library, remaining in the library after closing or when requested to leave during emergency situations/drills, or not abiding by the library's conduct policy

    abusing/damaging/stealing library materials or equipment, or vandalizing library facilities

    concealing library materials for the exclusive use of an individual or group

    accessing (with malicious intent), altering, deleting, damaging, or destroying any computer system, network computer program, or data.

Anyone who violates this policy will be so informed and asked to stop the offensive conduct and/or leave. Library users shall show identification when requested to do so by Library personnel when they identify themselves and state the reason for their request. Campus police will be called when necessary. If further action is needed, procedures in accordance with the Eastern Illinois University Student Conduct Code and the University Internal Governing Policies will be followed.