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Fall 2014 Exhibition

1960s Exhibition

Revolutionary Decade: Reflections on the 1960s

Exhibit Dates

Exhibit on display at Booth Library September 9, 2014 - November 20, 2014

About the Exhibit

Booth Library presents our major fall semester exhibition and event series:  “Revolutionary Decade:  Reflections on the 1960s.”  We invite you to join us as we take a fresh look at the achievements, tragedies, triumphs, extraordinary personalities, and everyday lives of average people during what was arguably one of the most turbulent and eventful decades of the 20th century. We have filled the library with exhibits exploring numerous aspects of this fascinating decade as Americans experienced it -- including developments in the worlds of music, literature, visual arts, science and technology, politics, and social movements. A broad array of scholarly presentations, film screenings, and entertainment events has been planned. Please peruse this website and/or pick up a copy of our program booklet to discover the many experiences we have in store!

-- David Bell, project director