Follow the Evidence: The Trial of the Lincoln Conspirators

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George Atzerodt

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April 14, 1865 | The Conspirators

Lincoln CSIGeorge Atzerodt was recruited by John Wilkes Booth to participate in the kidnapping plot of President Lincoln. When the plan changed to assassinating the president, Booth assigned Atzerodt the job of assassinating Vice-President Andrew Johnson. Atzerodt checked into the Kirkwood House, the same hotel where the vice-president was staying. At 10 p.m. approximately the same time John Wilkes Booth assassinated the president and Lewis Powell (Payne) attacked Secretary of State William Seward, George Atzerodt was to assassinate the vice-president. Atzerodt lost his nerve and ended up drinking at the hotel bar. Later he asked the hotel bartender questions about the vice-president, this aroused suspicion and the next day authorities were called in to investigate. Atzerodt was charged with conspiracy.


Washington Navy Yard, D.C.
George A. Atzerodt, a conspirator
Library of Congress/Prints and Photographs