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Dr. Shane D Soboroff

Dr. Shane D Soboroff


Office: 3135 - Blair Hall
Phone: 581-3990
Email: sdsoboroff@eiu.edu

Shane Soboroff's Vita
Fall 2016 Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 2:00-4:30 pm and by appointment.

Current Syllabi

Frequently Taught Courses

Introductory Sociology
Social Problems


My Ph.D. was completed at the University of Iowa in December 2012, under the mentorship of Dr. Michael Lovaglia. My Master's Degree is also from Iowa (2007).

Professional Organizations

American Sociological Association
North Central Sociological Association
Midwest Sociological Society
Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction


The goal of my research is to develop theories to better understand interpersonal inequality, influence, cooperation, and conflict in small groups and organizations. My dissertation incorporated theory from sociological and social psychological research on influence and communication media to investigate conditions that promote or detract from group cohesion. Primary research questions I investigate include: (1) Factors that underlie interpersonal influence between individuals who vary in social status, power, or physical distance, (2) Conditions that affect the formation of trust and commitment to groups and organizations, and (3) Effects of group member attitudes or prejudices on the ability of individual group members to form and maintain their identities.  Most of my work utilizes experimental designs to test hypotheses developed from theory.  My goal is to help refine theories in sociology and sociological social psychology to aid in their application to naturally-occurring work groups and organizations. I believe that a better understanding of these processes can address many issues currently faced by educators, politicians, diplomats, and businesses as they cope with an increasingly global society and marketplace. 

Selected Publications

2012    Lovaglia, Lucas, Huey, Kelley, Soboroff. “The Social Psychology of Leadership in Science and Technology.” Pp. 69-76 in William S. Bainbridge (Ed), Leadership in Science and Technology: A Reference Handbook. Los Angeles: Sage. 
2008    Lovaglia, Michael J., Christabel L. Rogalin, Shane D. Soboroff, Christopher P. Kelley, and Jeffrey W. Lucas. "Humor and the Effectiveness of Diverse Leaders." Social Structure and Emotion, edited by Dawn Robinson and Lynn Smith-Lovin. Oxford, UK: Elsevier.
2007    Leicht, Kevin T, Douglas Tompkins, Tina Wildhagen, Christabel L. Rogalin, Shane D. Soboroff, Christopher P. Kelley, Charisse Long, and Michael Lovaglia. “Women’s Predominance in College Enrollment: Labor Market and Gender Identity Explanations.” In Advances in Group Processes, Volume 24, The Social Psychology of Gender. Edited by Shelley J. Correll, Shane R. Thye, and Edward J. Lawler. 

2007    Rogalin, Christabel L., Shane D. Soboroff, and Michael J. Lovaglia. “Power, Status, and Affect Control.” Sociological Focus. Vol. 40(2): 202-220.

Selected Conference Presentations

My presentations as a member of the EIU faculty:
August 2013: Christopher P. Kelley, Shane D. Soboroff, Christabel L. Rogalin, Michael J. Lovaglia, and Kevin T. Leicht. "Identity and Gendered Tasks." Presented at the Group Processes Regular Session of the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, New York, NY.
August 2014: Christopher P. Kelley and Shane D. Soboroff. "Identity's Power Over Important Leadership Decisions." Presented at the 26th Annual Group Processes Conference, Stanford University.
August 2014: Shane D. Soboroff and Christopher P. Kelley. "Group Size and the Trust, Cohesion, and Commitment of Group Members." Presented at the Group Processes Regular Session of the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Funding & Grants

My dissertation (presented at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association) was funded by National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant SES-1129584: “Effects of Collaboration on Group Dynamics.”


Founding member of the Terra-Hawk Leadership Group, which trains students from diverse racial and economic backgrounds in the use of leadership techniques that can be applied for success in college.  As part of this group, mentees received academic tutoring and traveled to visit historically black colleges and universities in Georgia and Louisiana. Terra-Hawk was recognized by the Gamma Chapter Foundation for our efforts on behalf of the Iowa City community.
I love working with undergraduates, helping them to develop their own research. There isn't much I find more fun than talking about sociology and sociological research, especially if the topic is social psychology. Feel free to stop in and talk to me; my door is usually open and I'm on campus most days.

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