EIU Thut Greenhouse

Built in 1962, the H.F. Thut Greenhouse serves as the Biology Department’s botanical conservatory and as a facility for growing plants for research and classroom use. The 3400 square foot building is located next to the Life Sciences Building on the campus of Eastern Illinois University.


2018 Titan Arum Bloom.  Here we go again!

Pictures of Eastern Illinois University's Bur Oak.

Life Science Building and Thut Greenhouse location on campus

Contact one of the following individuals for greenhouse access and tours:

Contact Office Phone email
Steven Malehorn Greenhouse 217-581-3126 shmalehorn@eiu.edu
Dr. Thomas Canam Life Science Bldg 3054 217-581-6608 tcanam@eiu.edu
Dr. Barbara Carlsward Life Science Bldg 3076 217-581-3223 bscarlsward@eiu.edu
Dr. Scott Meiners Life Science Annex 1116 217-581-3425 sjmeiners@eiu.edu
Dr. Gordon Tucker Life Science Bldg 3027 217-581-6240 gctucker@eiu.edu


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