EIU Giving Day Social Media Support

Nobody is better suited to spread the transformative power of EIU than alumni and friends who bleed blue. EIU Supporters will play a vital role in sharing the message of giving on a personal level with friends and former classmates. When the entire Panther family joins together, we can do big things for our current and future students.

Looking for social media ideas? We’ve got you covered. Here are a few sample posts you can copy and paste to help encourage your social media audiences to join in the cause. Include links to the Giving Day website in your posts.

In advance:

  • It’s #EIUGivingDay on April 24! We would love to have your help in supporting {SPECIFIC INITIATIVE}. If each of us can contribute, we can make a big difference in students’ lives. eiu.edu/givingday/

  • We are closing in on #EIUGivingDay next week on April 24. Find out more about EIU’s annual fundraising event and how you can participate ➡️ eiu.edu/givingday

  • We’re less than 24 hours away from #EIUGivingDay! Check out the Day of Giving website for different challenges, scholarships to support and other ways to get involved ➡️ eiu.edu/givingday/

On the day:

  • Today is #EIUGivingDay! I encourage you to join me in supporting your favorite campus initiative. eiu.edu/givingday/

  • Share if you love EIU! Together we can make a big difference. #EIUGivingDay eiu.edu/givingday/

  • #EIUGivingDay is a day of unity for our Panther community. Every donation, large or small, counts! eiu.edu/givingday/

  • Today is the day! Your #EIUGivingDay gifts will help current and future Panthers have the same success you have had. eiu.edu/givingday/

You can also click on the images below to download Giving Day graphics to use on social media leading up to and on the day of the event.