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The Philips Family of Charleston, Charles Philips, Sr. (sitting), Charles Philips Jr. (standing), and Joycelyn Philips.

Young Black male musicians who performed in the 1920's to celebrate the safety record of the New York Central Railroad. The noon train stopped at the depot in Mattoon.

Dutch Estell in his service uniform, c. 1942.

Mrs. Dora Estell (maiden name Derrickson) and Mr. William Estell. Mr. Estell was a janitor at the Mattoon Public Library.

Harold Gray of Mattoon, IL.

Emelda Elaine Estell at her 1992 Tulane University Law School graduation. Daughter of Mr. Harry E. Estell and a graduate of EIU

Left to right, Murriel, Henry Clamase, Ralph Smith Sr., and Joe Hopgood Sr. in their service uniforms.

Dr. Carlotta Freeman (Daughter of Dr. Thomas & Clarice Freeman)

Claire Derrickson and Elza Derrickson, both of Mattoon, Illinois, c. 1980.

The Williams Family of Mattoon, Illinois: (left to right) James Douglass Williams, James Roy Williams, Roberta Ruth Williams, and Judith Williams Lyles.

Mr. James R. Williams and Mrs. Roberta Williams, 1950.

Mrs. Lavenia Smith Williams and Mr. Sidney Williams.

Annabel Norton, Kenneth H. Norton, Jr., Hazel Derrickson, and Elijah Derrickson at El Grotto Supper Club in Chicago, Illinois, c. 1945.

Mr. and Mrs. George Nash of Charleston, Illinois and parents of Minnie Portee. Mr. Nash was of African and Native Indian parentage.

Mrs. Elizabeth Hopgood and Mr. Joseph Hopgood cutting their 50th Wedding Anniversary cake, 1967.

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