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James D. Williams, DDC, Chiropractic Physician and Certified Acupuncturist, Mattoon, Illinois.

Mrs. Ona Norton was a Charleston, Illinois community activist. She died in 1995 at age 101.

Kenneth H. Norton, Jr. and Annabel Norton's Wedding Party, 1944.

Mrs. Ona Norton with a group of EIU African American students.

(left to right) Kenneth H. Norton, Sr., Ona Norton, Kenneth H. Norton, Jr., and Minnie Portee, c. 1942.

Mrs. Ona Norton (left) and Mr. Kenneth H. Norton, Sr.. For man years Mr. and Mrs. Norton helped black EIU students find housing before housing was available to them on campus.

Norton's extended family, Charleston, Illinois, c. 1935.

Kenneth H. Norton, Jr., kissing his bride, Annabel Derrickson at their wedding in 1944.

Kenneth H. Norton, Jr. family: (left to right) Annabel Norton, Frank Norton, Jr., and Michael K. Norton, c. 1953.

Mrs. Claire Derrickson with her grandson, Michael K. Norton, Mattoon, Illinois.

Mr. Michael K. Norton. He served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam, c. 1967.

Mrs. Minnie Portee with her grandson, Kenneth H. Norton.

Black and white men, women, and children cradling wheat, c. 1900

An Historical marker in front of Dr. Hiram Rutherford's house in Oakland, Illinois.

Dr. Hiram Rutherford's House, Pike Street, Oakland, Illinois. Dr. Rutherford was a popular Physician and abolitionist in Coles County, Illinois in the 19th century.

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