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Mr. Ralph E. Smith, Sr. at his workstation in Mattoon Post Office. First African American to work at the Post Office. He served as a mail carrier and postal clerk.

Dr. Bill Ridgeway, EIU Professor Emeritus, and Johnetta Jones, Director EIU Minority Affairs. Ms. Jones was also director of African American Studies from 1977 to 1990.

Zella Powell, and African American student, Eastern Illinois State Normal School class of 1910.

Second Baptist Church Congregation, 1963.

Second Baptist Church Congregation, 1950-1967.

Top: Judy Lyles and her husband James W. Lyles taking marriage vows before Rev. T.J. Jackson at the Second Missionary Baptist Church in Mattoon, Illinois. Bottom: (left to right) Darlene Clark, Judy Lyles, James W. Lyles, Thomas Cooper, Kathy Smith and Greg Curry, 1959.

Judith Williams being walked down the aisle by her father, Mr. James Roy Williams, 1959.

Senior Choir of the Second Baptist Church.

A typical program for services at Second Baptist Missionary Church, Mattoon, Illinois, 1984.

John M. Craft, being welcomed back officially after competing in the 1972 Munich Olympics. (left to right) Tom Katsimpalis, EIU Athletics Director, Gilbert Fite, University President, John Craft and Maynard "Pat" O'Brien, EIU Track.

Mrs. Elizabeth Nash being sworn in as the first female and first African American Postmaster of Mattoon, Illinois, 1990.

Dr. Arlen Fowler was a professor of History at EIU from 1969-1976. He was also the founding director of African American Studies at EIU, and the first EIU professor to teach a course on blacks in America. He is now a retired professor of History, University of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Cornerstone laying ceremony for 1968 addition to EIU Library: (left to right) first two individuals not identified; Quincy Doudna, President; Hobart F. Heller; B.J. Szerenyl; and Francis Pollard, Director of Library Science Program at EIU. Dr. Pollard was among the first African Americans to be hired at EIU.

Chris "Poke" Cobb, #30, running with the ball, c. 1978.

Chris "Poke" Cobb, # 30, EIU football player, receiving the Panther Award from a University official for a 1976 record-tying performance.

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