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Dr. Niyi Coker, Director of African American Studies, EIU, 1997-1999.

John M. Craft, Associate Professor, Physical Education Department, Eastern Illinois University. In this photograph he was preparing for the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics in Germany. John placed 5th in the Triple Jump. He was an undergraduate student at EIU from 1965-1969 and a graduate student from 1970-1974. He has been on the faculty of EIU since 1970.

Mr. Anthony Blackwell, first African American editor of the Eastern News (the student newspaper), 1973.

Dr. Martin Hardeman, Associate Professor of History, EIU.

Dr. Nate Anderson, a graduate of EIU. Appointed to EIU Board of Trustees in 1996, reappointed to a six year term in 1999 and elected chair of the board on April 16, 2001.

Dr. Carol Surles, President, EIU, March 1, 1999 to July 31, 2001.

Dr. Teshome Abebe, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, EIU, July 1, 1998 to September 7, 2000.

EIU Alumni photograph. (Left to Right) Bob Lee, James E. Johnson, Don Katsimpalis, William Healy, Norman Patberg and Roger Dettro. All were EIU basketball players except Healy, who was their coach.

James E. Johnson (left) and Kenneth Hesler (right).

Professor Johnny Lee Lane, Music Department, teaching Ms. Nena Lorenz in the Percussion Studio, Fall 1999.

Mr. Johnson Kuma, Associate Professor and African American Studies Subject Bibliographer, Booth Library, EIU.

Dr. Jimmie Lewis Franklin, Professor of History at EIU (1970-1986), Director of Affirmative Action at EIU (1973-1975), and NCAA Representative (1976-1986).

Phyllis Derrickson-Nesbit, a native of Mattoon and an EIU graduate.

Chris "Poke" Cobb, the ball carrier. Cobb, the all time EIU Panthers leading rusher, led the team to a 1978 title.

Dr. Loretta Pratter and Mr. Dwight A. Pratter, Charleston, IL residents. Mr. Pratter is a Senior Systems Analyst, R.R. Donelley & Sons Publishers, Mattoon, IL.

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