Dr. Vanesa Carbonetti Landrus
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Dr. Vanesa Carbonetti Landrus

Professor of Spanish, Coordinator of Latin American and Latinx Studies Office: 1355 - Coleman Hall
Email: vmlandrus@eiu.edu


Fall 2022 Office Hours: Face to face (Coleman 1351) and virtual Office Hours: MF 11 - 12:00, W 10-11 am. Latin American and Latinx Studies Office Hour: M 10-11 am. Please send email (vmlandrus@eiu.edu) to schedule an appointment. Additional Office Hours by Appointment.

Dr. Vanesa Landrus is Professor of Spanish at Eastern Illinois University, where she teaches all levels of Spanish and Latin American Studies. She is the President of the Midwest Association of Latin American Studies. At Eastern Illinois University, she is the Coordinator of Latin American Studies, and member of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Collaborations, International Education Council, and Latino Heritage Month Celebration Committee. She is also the leader of the Summer Study Abroad Program to Costa Rica and Argentina.
Dr. Vanesa Landrus was born in Río Cuarto, Argentina, where she began her studies in English Literature. She joined Eastern Illinois University as a graduate student to obtain her second degree in World Languages with a concentration in Spanish. She received her M.A and Ph.D. in Spanish Literature and Cultural Studies from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign (2007).
Her scholarly work focuses on Nineteenth Century women essayist and their perception of politics, race, gender, body image, and social class. Her secondary research area is Latinx Studies. She has presented at many national and international conferences. Her research has been published in Revista Iberomaericana, in the book Retomando la palabra: Las pioneras del XIX en diálogo con la crítica contemporánea by Editorial Iberoamericana, and in ELADD, virtual collection of biographies and critical essays on Latin American Nineteenth Century Women Writers.



Education & Training

Ph.D. in Spanish Literature and Cultural Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, awarded Spring 2007.

  • Primary Emphasis: Nineteenth Century Latin-American Literature. Women essayists and their perception of politics, gender and class issues. Focus on Argentine newspapers and magazines.
  • Secondary Areas: Women Studies. Colonial Latin-American Literature. Cultural Studies.
  • Dissertation Title: La prensa femenina argentina del siglo XIX y la construcción de un imaginario nacional. This study offers a critical analysis of women’s periodical literature in Nineteenth Century Argentine Press. This work provides a conceptual and critical approach of feminist discourse and cultural production with decisive implications in the process of Nation and Identity Formation.