Dr. Amy D. Davis
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Dr. Amy D. Davis

Assistant Professor - Elementary Literacy Office: Suite C - Buzzard Hall
Email: addavis7@eiu.edu



Welcome to my page! My name is Amy Davis and I am an assistant professor with an emphasis in elementary literacy and English as a second language. I come from Kansas State University where I completed my Ph.D. in 2019.

My true passion is children's literature especially those with diverse cultural themes. There is nothing like bringing a book to life for children, it is a true gift.

I look forward to meeting and working with all current and future students!

Dr. Davis



My EIU Story

I came to EIU from Kansas State University where I completed my Ph.D. and this is my first job out of my doctorial program. I'm looking forward to making tenure.

The students keep me here, they are some of the most dedicated and truly kind individuals. I feel like I'm exactly where I need to be to help future teachers be their best.

2022 - EIU Student Distinguished Professor Award Recipient

Education & Training

Ph.D. – Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS --  Curriculum and Instruction -- ESL & Elementary Literacy                                    

M.S. Ed – Newman University, Wichita, KS -- Curriculum and Instruction -- ESL

B.S. - Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL - Elementary Education, K-6


*Licensed Reading Specialist K-12

*Endorsed and Certified ESL Specialist K-6

*LETRS Training 

Conference Presentations

Davis, A. (2024 Mar 27-30). The multicultural read aloud project. Presentation for 2024 Association of Teacher Educators Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA.

Davis, A. (2024 Mar 23). The science of reading: Should it replace or supplement balanced literacy? Presentation for Illini Reading Council in Champaign, IL.

Davis, A. (2024 Mar 15). The gems of multicultural children's literature 2.0. Presentation for the 55th Illinois Reading Council spring conference in Springfield, IL.

Davis, A. (2024 Mar 14). Picture books and strategies to develop visualization skills in young learners. Presentation for the 55th Illinois Reading Council spring conference in Springfield, IL.

Davis, A., & McDaniel, M. (2024 Mar 9). The joy of sharing literature with young children, birth to 2nd grade. Professional development presentation for Early Childhood educators, Charleston Public Library, Charleston, IL.

Davis, A. (2024 Feb 24). Picture books and strategies to develop visualization skills in young learners and reluctant readers. Presentation for the 12th Annual Literacy & Learning conference in Charleston, IL.




Funding & Grants

Davis, A. (2023). Multicultural read aloud project. Fall/Winter 2023 College of Education Development Grant for Faculty Research.

Davis, A. (2022). The Multicultural Practitioner’s Guide to Interactive Read Alouds. Summer Research Award, Eastern Illinois University Council on Faculty Research.

Davis, A. (2022). Small group ESL language development – Kdg-5th grade. Fall 2022-23 College of Education: Redden Grant.

Davis, A. (2021). Interactive read alouds: Encouraging diversity in elementary classrooms. College of Education: TLF Mini-Grant.

Davis, A. (2020). The six-grid organizer: An interactive read aloud strategy. Fall 2020-2021 College of Education: Redden Grant.

Davis, A., & McDaniel, M. (2019). Interactive read alouds: The six-grid organizer strategy. FDIC Partnership Grant Award.

Davis, A. (2019). The six-grid organizer: An interactive read aloud strategy. Fall/Winter 2019 College of Education Development Grant for Faculty Research.


Davis, A. (2024). Creating questions and scaffolding responses for English language learners: How can teachers encourage higher level thinking. Indiana Literacy Journal (submitted 6/17/24).
Davis, A. (2024). The multicultural read aloud project: 2022-23 academic school year. Journal of Teacher Action Research. (submitted 6/13/24).
Davis, A. (2024). It's time for a "Brain Drain!" Georgia Journal of Literacy (forthcoming fall '24).
Davis, A. (2024). It's "a good day" to make inferences: Helping emergent and reluctant readers. WSRA (forthcoming).
Davis, A. (2024). Teachers helping students think critically: Aligning read aloud questions to Bloom's taxonomy. Oklahoma Reader. (forthcoming fall 24).

Davis, A. (2024). How to select diverse picture books to share in elementary classrooms. Michigan Literacy Journal, 56(3), 7-14.

Davis, A. (2024). The 1619 project: Born on the water. IRC Communicator https://conta.cc/48FYyZU

Davis, A. (2023). Picture books and strategies to develop visualization skills in young learners and reluctant readers. Indiana Literacy Journal, 52(1), 11-23.

Davis, A. (2023). Developing cultural competence through multicultural children’s literature. Illinois Reading Council Journal, 51(4), 22-31. 

Davis, A. (2022). A science intervention for ELLs. The Journal of Teacher Action Research, 9(2). 

Davis, A. & Robinson, A. (2022). Making the most of preservice teacher read alouds. ATE Conference Proceedings 2022. 

Davis, A. (2022). Equitable literacy practices for ELLs. IRC Communicator. 

Davis, A. (2021). The six-grid organizer: Increasing student engagement in teacher read alouds. Wisconsin State Reading Association Journal, 58(2), 22-28.

Davis, A. (2018). Preliteracy skills in primary-aged English language learners. The Advocate, 23(5), 1-8. 

Davis, A. (2016).  Finding nonfiction that can inspire and motivate children. First Opinions, Second Reactions,9(3). 



Frequently Taught Courses


EDU 5200 - Research Methods

EDU 5260 - Advanced Developmental Reading

EDU 5350 - Foundations of Reading: Linguistics & Literacy

EDU 5360 - Assessment of the Bilingual Student

ELE 5600 - Diagnosis of Reading Problems

ELE 5610 - Remediation of Reading Problems

ELE 56201 - Remedial Reading Practicum

EDU 5900 – Applied Research/Action Research in Education


ELE 3280 - Developmental Reading in Elementary and Middle Schools

ELE 3350 - Language Arts in ELE/MLE

ELE 4280 - Content Area Reading in Elementary, Middle, and Secondary School

ELE 4880 - Diagnostic & Prescriptive Reading Instruction

ELE 4890 - Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students/English Language Learners: Instructional Methods


Professional Affiliations

Kappa Delta Pi – Honor Society for Educators - National Chapter membership

International Literacy Association 

Illinois Reading Council - ILA Coordinator, Board Member

The Reading League - Illinois - Outreach Committee, Board Member 

TESOL International Association



Research & Creative Interests

My research interests include the blend of literacy practices and ELLs' language acquisition specifically how ELLs can use their student-generated images (visualization) as a means to summarize their understanding of text as well as develop their productive English skills (speaking & writing).