Dr. Ahmed S. Abou-Zaid
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Dr. Ahmed S. Abou-Zaid

Professor of Economics & Data Science Office: 2821 - Coleman Hall
Phone: 217-581-3812
Email: asabouzaid@eiu.edu

My EIU Story


EIU Achievement and Contribution Award for Research 2102-2013

Faculty mentor - "Distinguished Master's Thesis Award" 2012

Faculty mentor - "COS Distinguished Master's Thesis Award" 2018


Education & Training

- B.Sc. Economics (1997), Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, Cairo University
- MA Economics (2002), American University in Cairo
- Ph.D. Economics (2008), Southern Illinois University


Speaker: COVID-19: Winners and Losers. March 2021 

Newspaper Interview: Trump’s Immigration Ban on Muslim Countries. February 2017

Speaker: U.S. presidential election’s outcome and the world. December 2016

Speaker and book discussant: Muslim Journeys. Fall 2014

Speaker: Panel Discussion, Syria and Beyond. October 2013

Speaker: Arab Spring: What Lies Beneath. April 2012

Board Member: Charleston Soccer League Executive Board  


- Natural Resources in Africa: Gift or Curse”, Journal of African Development. (Forthcoming 2021)

- “Africa’s Growth Dilemma: The Inconsistent Trinity, Journal of Economics and Political Science. (Forthcoming 2021) 

- "Institutional Quality, Financial Freedom, and Remittance Inflows: Evidence from MENA Countries", Pennsylvania Economic Association Conference Proceedings, 2018. 

 -"Institutions and Growth: An investigation of the Governance's Transmission Channels", Journal of Economics and Finance, with Ed Lahouij, Vol. 8(2), 2018.

"Inflation and Growth Nexus: Does Government Spending have a Role? Evidence from a Dynamic Time Series Threshold Analysis in Egypt”, IUP Journal of Applied Economics, Vol. 17(2), 2018. 

-“Inflation and Resilience of the U.S. Economy: An estimation of the threshold level of inflation in the U.S.”, with Hio Li, Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol. 7(4), 2016. 
- “The high levels of Excess Reserves 2008-2012: An Investigation into the determinants of the U.S. Banks’ Liquidity Hoarding during the Global Financial Crisis” , with Mary Mattingly, Advances in Economics and Business, Vol.3(4), 2015

- "Religious Pluralism, yet a homogenous stance on interest rate financing: The case of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam" , with Tesa Leonce, Contemporary Economics, Vol. 8 (2), 2014.

- "Patterns of Technology Transfer among Arab Gulf States: Opportunities and Challenges", with Dean Elmuti, Intl' Journal of Commerce and Management. Vol. 23 (4), 2013. 

- " The U.S. Folklore, Proverbs, and Economic Behavior", Economics and Sociology, Vol. 6(2), 2013.

- " International Stock Market Response to the Federal Reserve Policy Actions: The Case of MENA Stock Markets", Journal of Financial Markets and Derivatives, Vol.3 (2), 2013.

- "Challenges and Opportunities of Health Care Supply Chain Managment in the United States", with Dean Elmuti, Grace Khoury & Omar Omran, Health Marketing Quarterly, Vol.30 (4), 2013. 

-  “NAFTA and Sources of Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations in North America”, with Sami Abdelwahab,   Journal of Sustainable Economy, Vol. 5 (3), 2013. 

- “Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rate using Artificial Neural networks: A Traders’ Approach”, with Adam Stokes, Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance, Vol.5 (4), 2012.
-  “Role of Strategic Fit and Resource Complementarily in Strategic Alliance Effectiveness”, Journal of Global Business and Technology, with Dean Elmuti and Heather Jia, Vol. 8(2), 2012.  
- “Volatility Spillover Effects in Emerging MENA Markets”, Review of Applied Economics, Vol. 7 (1-2), 2011.
- “Exchange Rate-Pass Through in the Mideast region: Evidence from Egypt and Israel”, the IUP Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol. (9) 1, 2011.
-  “The Elasticity of Substitution in the U.S. manufacturing Industry”, Empirical Economics Letters”, Vol. 10 (2), 2011.
-  “The Optimal Inflation in a Backward-Induction Game” with Liaoliao Li. Economics and Business Journal: Inquires and Perspectives, Vol. 3 (1), 2010.

Funding & Grants

EIU Research Grant (The Efficiency of Public Universities in Illinois)

Faculty Development Support Grant 2013

COS Early Research Support Grant 2008-2012

Frequently Taught Courses

- Advanced Macroeconomics*Applied Econometrics*Money, Banking, and Financial Markets

- Research Methods*International Economics and Finance*Pop Culture Economics

Professional Affiliations

Missouri Valley Economic Association
Midwest Economic Association
Middle East Economic Association