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EIU Civic Engagement and Volunteerism

Weekly Programs 


Fit-2-Serve - Generation-2-Gerneration: 8:30-10:15am *Monthly
Charleston Library Book Delivery: 11am-1pm
PLAY Ashmore: 2-4:30pm
Coles County Animal Shelter: 2pm-3:30pm 


Fit-2-Serve - Generation-2-Gerneration: 8:30-10:15am *Monthly
Coles County Animal Shelter: 10:30am-12pm 
Douglas Hart Nature Center: 12:15pm-2:45pm *After spring break only
PLAY Young Athletes at Mark Twain: 1:50pm-3:20pm
Villa Holly Brook Bingo: 2:50-4:10pm
PLAY Salvation Army (Mattoon): 3-5:15pm


Fit-2-Serve - Generation-2-Gerneration: 9:30-11:15am *Monthly 
Standing Stone Food Pantry Restock: 9-10:30am, *3rd Wed. each month
Peace Meal: 10:30am-12:30pm *1st Wed. each month
PLAY Ashmore: 2-4:30pm
PLAY Salvation Army (Mattoon): 3-5:15pm
Life’s Journey: 3-4:30pm


Fit-2-Serve Farm to Table: 11:20a-1:20pm *Monthly
CTF: 11:15am-12:45pm 
PLAY Young Athletes at Mark Twain: 1:50pm-3:20pm
PLAY Salvation Army (Mattoon): 3-5:15pm
Food Pantry: 5-7:15pm


Standing Stone Food Pantry Restock: 8:30-10am, *1st Friday each month
Fit-2-Serve Farm to Table: 8:20-10:20
PLAY Fit-2-Serve Farm to Table: 11:20a-1:20pm
Grandma’s Got Gmail: 1:30-3:45pm, *Monthly


PLAY After School Programs
There are a variety of PLAY after school programs Monday-Friday that volunteers can participate in. Programs include homework help, a sports skills program, and a inter-generational farm to table program. Students can apply to be a PLAY Volunteer by filling out an application on our website which is available in August for the fall semester and January for the spring semester. To be a PLAY Volunteer we ask volunteers to make a semester-long commitment to go to the program of their choosing each week of the semester. For more information about PLAY visit the PLAY webpage.

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Civic Engagement and Volunteerism

Eastern Illinois University
MLK Jr. Union 3rd Floor
Charleston, IL 61920

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