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EIU Turnitin

Using Turnitin: Faculty

Adding a Class

STEP 1: Go to Turnitin and login using your EIU email address and password provided to you once your account has been created.

STEP 2: Click on the Add Class button on your instructor homepage.

STEP 3: Select class type, fill in class name, enrollment key (create by yourself), choose subject area(s) and student level(s), pick a class end date, then click the submit button.

  • A confirmation screen will pop up to notify you the class has been added. Turnitin will assign a class ID number for this class. Students will need the class ID and password to join your class and submit a paper.
  • Your class should appear on the list on your instructor Turnitin homepage.


  • At least one class must be created before papers can be submitted for review. There is no limit to the number of classes that can be created.
  • To assist with the class management of paper submissions, it is recommended to create a class account for each class submitting papers for review.
  • A password will be generated for each class created. Save each password in a protected area.
  • If you prefer students join their Turnitin class and submit their assignments themselves, give students the password to their class.


Adding an Assignment

STEP 1: Click on your class name.

STEP 2: Click on Add Assignment button.

STEP 3: First select an assignment type, and then on the next page, fill in the assignment title, start and due dates, any special instructions and click Submit button.


  • It is important to remember that students are permitted one submission of their assignment for review.
  • It is recommended to create more than one online assignment category for assignments that are continually updated or improved over the period of the semester (e.g. Project Draft Paper, Project Final Paper).


Submitting a Paper on Behalf of a Student

STEP 1: Click on a class, then click Submit in the More actions drop down menu next to the appropriate assignment.

STEP 2: Select the student's name from the Author drop down menu, and fill in the title of the paper.

STEP 3: Click on Choose from this computer/Dropbox/Google Drive button to upload a file (if the student has already uploaded a file, you will not be able to submit files on behalf of him/her). Click the Upload button.

STEP 4: You will be asked to review the paper. Click Confirm button to upload the paper to Turnitin.

STEP 5: Make a note of the submission receipt.


Viewing Originality Reports

STEP 1: Click on a class, then click on the View icon next to the appropriate assignment.

STEP 2: Click on the Similariy bar to view the originality report.

STEP 3: On the right panel of the page, you will find the simialrity scores.

STEP 4: Click on the score to see the matching source.

STEP 4: Matching text in the paper is highlighted in the same color as the link.

STEP 5: Click on side-by-side version to see the paper and the web page with matching text.

STEP 6: Click on Filters and Exclude icons to analyze paper and ignore selected passages.


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