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EIU Textbook Rental Service

Fall 2020 Information

If you have any questions, please email

Please monitor our website for any updates or changes and utilize your EIU email account for current and important information.  Everyone coming into our building will be required to wear a mask.  Face masks must be worn on-campus and social distancing should be observed at all times.  Please visit EIU's face mask policy for additional information.

Fall 2020 textbook return deadline information:

Textbooks from the Fall 2020 semester can be returned inside our facility during our normal business hours, by using the 24-hour external book drop located under the blue awning, or by mailing them back to Textbook Rental Service.  You will need your E-number or Panther Card to activate the external book drop.  When mailing textbooks back to us, students are responsible for the shipping cost and we recommend the insuring of all packages.  

The address for mailing textbooks back to Textbook Rental Service is:
Textbook Rental Service
Eastern Illinois University
975 Edgar Drive
Charleston, IL 61920

The deadline to return or postmark Fall 2020 semester textbooks from On-Campus courses (Sections 1-599) without any late fines was Friday, December 18, 2020 at 4:30 p.m.  There is no penalty for textbooks returned at any point during the semester/term prior to the return deadline, with the exception of textbooks associated with dropped/withdrawn courses.

The deadline to return or postmark textbooks from Online or Off-Campus courses (Sections 600 and above) was the five-day grace period deadline, Wednesday, December 23, 2020 at 4:30 p.m.

Late fines are charged, $20 per book, and will be posted to individual student accounts immediately following the return deadline of Friday, December 18, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. for any textbooks from On-Campus courses (Sections 1-599) not returned by the deadline.  Late textbooks from On-Campus courses will only be accepted during the five-day grace period and are subject to the $20 per book late fine. 

For students with textbooks from On-Campus courses (Sections 1-599), the replacement cost of any unreturned textbooks will be posted to individual student accounts, in addition to the previously posted $20 per book late fine charges immediately following the five-day grace period deadline. 

For students with textbooks from Online and Off-Campus courses (Sections 600 and above), $20 per book late fines and the replacement cost of any unreturned textbooks to individual student accounts immediately following the five-day grace period deadline.  

**Textbooks from Fall 2020 On-Campus, Online, and Off-Campus courses, will not be accepted for return after the five-day grace period deadline and will not be accepted for return when students return to campus for the Spring 2021 semester. 

Note: Textbooks mailed back Textbook Rental Service must be postmarked by each semester end deadline.  Textbooks mailed back will be processed using the postmark date on the package(s).  If textbooks are not received by each semester end deadline and charges are posted to an individual student's account, these charges will be adjusted accordingly once the package is received and the postmark date is verified.

**Remember to protect your textbooks!  We recommend a waterproof book bag/backpack or another type of protective method for transporting your textbooks to and from our facility.  Keep them away from food, drink, and all other potentially damaging situations, including protecting your textbooks from all weather-related conditions.  Students will be required to pay full list price, plus tax, for any textbooks that have been lost, written in, highlighted or underlined, have any visible signs of liquid damage of any type, have been subjected to unusual wear, or have RFID tags that have been removed or damaged in any way, plus any associated late fines.

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Eastern Illinois University
Textbook Rental Service
Louis M. Grado Building
975 Edgar Drive
Charleston, IL 61920

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