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Dr. Andrew S Methven, Professor Emeritus


Andrew Methven is a mycologist and lichenologist with interests in the systematics, ecology, and phylogeny of fleshy fungi and lichens.  He teaches courses in mycology, lichens, and field mycology and maintains the Cryptogamic Herbarium (with more than 10,000 collections of fungi and lichens).  Included among his research interests are the identification and ecology of fleshy fungi, mycogeography, the effects of forest alteration on fleshy fungi, the application of compatibility studies and molecular techniques to fungal systematics, and the identification and distribution of lichens in the Midwest.


Ph.D., Botany.  1987.  The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN.  Major Professor: Dr. R. H. Petersen  

M.A., Ecology and Systematic Biology (Thesis).  1983.  San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA.  Major Professor: Dr. H. D. Thiers (deceased).

B.S., Botany.  1980.  The University of California, Davis, CA. 


His current research program is examining the distribution of the mushroom genus Lactarius in the Western Hemisphere, the utilization of biological species concepts in systematics studies of fleshy fungi, and the application of molecular techniques to population studies and mycogeography in the mushroom genus Flammulina.

Recent research projects involving undergraduate and graduate students have specifically examined: The effects of sugar maple removal from endemic oak-hickory forests on the occurrence and distribution of fleshy fungi; the occurrence and distribution of mycorrhizae with the roots of endemic and exotic plants; the distribution of rare and endangered lichens in fragmented forest ecosystems; the utilization of compatibility studies, RFLP analyses, and DNA sequence data to define biological and phylogenetic species in fleshy fungi.

Selected Publications

Zelski*, SE,AS Methven, and AN Miller.  2013.  A molecular phylogenetic assessment of the genus Gyromitra in North America.  Mycologia (In Press)

Methven, AS, CL Pederson, VP Hustad*, and BE Wachholder*.  2013.  Site and host specific variation in corticolous lichen assemblages in coastal floodplain forests.  The Bryologist. (In review)

Methven, AS.  2013.  Sharing the Same Name: North American and European Species of Lactarius.  In, Proceedings of the Russulales Congress 2010.  

Kuo, M, DR Dewsbury*, K O'Donnell, MC Carter, SA Rehner, JD Moore, JM Moncalvo, SA Canfield, SL Stephenson, AS Methven, and TJ Volk.  2012.  Taxonomic revision of true morels (Morchella) in Canada and the United States.  Mycologia 104(5): 1159-1177. 

Methven, AS, VP Hustad*, BE Wachholder*, and CL Pederson.  2011. Checklist of lichens from Weeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Alabama.  Evansia 28(4): 84-91.

Hustad, VP*, SJ Meiners, and AS Methven.  2011.  Terrestrial macrofungi of Illinois old-growth prairie groves.  American Midland Naturalist. 166(1): 13-28. 

Kuo, M and AS Methven.  2010.  100 Cool Mushrooms.  University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor.  210 pp. 

Selected Conference Presentations

Methven, AS and AN Miller.  2012.  Evolutionary relationships of the gomphoid genus Clavariadelphus: One genus or two? Annual Meeting, Mycological Society of America, New Haven, CT.

Methven, AS.  2010.  Lactarius from the southern Appalachians including a discussion of cryptic species.  Congress Russulales – 2010, Massembre, Belgium.

Methven, AS and AN Miller.  2010.  Evolutionary relationships of the mushroom genus Clavariadelphus.  One genus or two?  Annual Meeting, Mycological Society of America, Lexington, KY.

Methven, AS and AN Miller.  2010.  Evolutionary relationships of the mushroom genus Clavariadelphus.  One genus or two?  Annual Meeting Biologists, Asheville, NC 


Funding & Grants

National Science Foundation.  The Macrofungi Collection Consortium: Unlocking a Biodiversity Resource for Understanding Biotic Interactions, Nutrient Cycling and Human Affairs. 2012-2015.  $50,936

Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Division of Natural Heritage, Wildlife Preservation Fund, Small Project Program (with Marci Gallagher*).  2012-2013.  $2000. 

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