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Andrew Lutz


Andrew L

SSC: What is your major?

Andrew: English Language Arts, Secondary Education Teacher Certification

SSC: When will you graduate?

Andrew: I will graduate in May 2013.

SSC: What career aspirations do you have?

Andrew: Primarily, I would like to work as an English teacher in a high school around central Illinois, but I would also like to write, and sooner or later, I intend on working towards a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology.

SSC: How did you become introduced to the Student Success Center.

Andrew: After being academically dismissed from Eastern, I was required to take the EIU 2919 class to work on my study habits and time management skills. During that time and in the subsequent semesters, I continued to meet with Mrs. Boyer on a weekly basis.

SSC: How long did you/have you been visiting someone in the SSC? Who did you visit? How often?

Andrew: I have been visiting the Student Success Center since the start of the Spring 2011 semester. I meet with Mrs. Cindy Boyer weekly.

SSC: What were some academic problems you were facing prior to visiting the SSC? 

Andrew: During the Spring 2010 semester, of the four classes that I was enrolled in, I dropped two of them and failed the other two. I skipped class, and when I did go to class, I had no idea what anyone was talking about. Instead of asking for help, I shut myself in my room and hoped that the problem would go away.

SSC: How did the SSC help you overcome your academic struggles.

Andrew: They helped me realize that no man is an island, and sooner or later I would have to ask for help.

SSC: Has your GPA improved? How much?

Andrew: When I came back to Eastern during the Spring 2011 semester, I had a 1.67 cumulative GPA. Currently, I have a 3.07 cumulative GPA.

SSC: Would you recommend the SSC to other students? What would you say?

Andrew: I would recommend the Student Success Center to any and all students finding it hard adjusting to college course loads.

SSC: Are there specific types of students you would recommend the SSC to?

Andrew: Freshmen should be made aware of SSC. I also believe that the SSC is severely underrepresented by RA’s and residence hall staff members.

SSC: Please provide a statement of your overall feelings of the SSC.

Andrew: It is a very helpful – and necessary – asset to the Eastern Illinois University community.

The previous interview was conducted via email, returned March 7, 2013


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