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2021 SRCA Posters

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Nutrition and Dietetics


Abby Mann Niondina M. Nyström Jeanette Swick

Examining Effects of Mixing Variations on Physical and Sensory Characteristics of Muffins

Degree of stirring effects volume and tunneling in muffins

Effects of Volume and Tunneling of Muffins, Based on Stroke Count
Quera Owens Lia Templeman

Gluten Development in Muffins

Effects of the Number of Mixing Strokes on the Volume and Tunneling of Plain Muffins




Kyle Ignalaga/Rob Forrest Clement Niyigena Zachary Martin

Social Simulator

EIU Pick-up Soccer Mobile Application

Guide to a Secure Smart Home
Caden Miller Grant Sims/Jose Esparza Tiffani Jones/Michael Warren

Language Design using Virtual Machines and Variable Security

Analyzing Functionality and Design of EIU Applications

Facial Recognition




Nicole Cirrencione Annabelle Heddell Karina Davis

The Effects of Nutritional Status on Treatment Outcomes of Pediatric Oncology Patients

Growing Up Healthy: A Study on Young Adults and Their Readiness to Transition to Independent Healthcare

Nutrition Education in Higher Learning
Emily Bernard Andrisell Martinez Cheyenne Warman-Neal

Mental Health During COVID-19

Use of Play Therapy in Counseling Children of Individuals With Substance Use Disorders

The Relationship Between Food Insecurity and Maladaptive Eating Patterns: A Systematic Review



STEM and Technology


Luken Henness Jacob A. Williams

RoboGUI, Interacting with Multiple Mobile Robots

Complex Computing on a Budget: A Case Study of Cluster Computing and Applications



COVID Foodways

Elaine Barnes Brandon Downen Ian Hannah

COVID-19: The Impact on Food Insecurity

The Giving Place: A Central Illinois Food Pantry Addresses Food Insecurity

Food, Friends, and Family: Altered Eating Traditions during COVID
Duncan Price Dawson Rhoads Emily Sivia

Drives to Fries: Fast Food During COVID-19

Do We Gather Togeher? Holiday Meals During COVID

Eating On and Off Campus: EIU Students and Access to Food During COVID
Crystol Smith Manny Uribe

How COVID-19 Changed the University Dining Experience

Food Waste in the COVID-19 Pandemic



Education and Communication Disorders


Bayley Neece/Laurel Teller Shelby Freeman Ellie Tutewiler

Generalization in Speech Sound Disorders: Research and Practice​

Foster Parents' Knowledge and Perceptions of Behavior and Behavior Management in Children with Adverse Childhood Experiences

Teaching Object and Gesture Imitation to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Reciprocal Imitation Training
Claire Conrady/Laurel Teller Grace Snider

Effects of Online Learning Modules on Sound Segmentation Skills in Preprofessional Instruction

Comparison of Language Sample Analysis Procedures



Art and History


John Bien Miranda Smith Kimberly McWherter

Collegiate Journalism - Kent State Shooting

TransAtlantic Asylums: Pliny Earle, A Visit to Thirteen Asylums for the Insane in Europe, and the American Asylum

Race Riots: The East St. Louis Race Riot of 1917 and the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921
Sydney M. Gelb Zarek Nolen

Richard W. Young and The Great War

Korean War Coverage in High School History Textbooks