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EIU Spirituality Club

Type: Service
Membership Types: EIU Students/Faculty/Other
Web: https://www.mhe.today



The main purpose of this organization is to encourage spirituality on campus through selfless service. We hope to provide students with opportunities for spiritual growth which deepen respect, tolerance, and understanding. We also strive to help students live sustainably, mindfully, and holistically. This semester we are planning the following events/initiatives:

  • Fruit Pantry--a weekly event where we give free fruit to students on campus. This will often coincide with the celebration of a spiritual holiday/festival.
  • An event about mindful eating/nutrition
  • An event about the concept of spiritual pluralism--a perspective that acknowledges the legitimacy and essential truth of all spiritual paths, while recognizing the right of every individual to follow and love the path they choose for themselves
  • Celebration of Mawlid (Sufi holiday) with a concert by Sufi music group Ahl-e Qulub.

Thank you for giving us the honor of serving you!

Meeting Times

Wednesdays at 5:30 after EIU Mindfulness Club
MLK Union (Room TBA)

Advisors and Board Members

Name Affiliation Email Phone
Jaysinha S Shinde Advisor jsshinde@eiu.edu +1 2175818308
Ali E Hill President aefisher@eiu.edu
Alex M Hill Vice President amhill4@eiu.edu
Christopher K Adams Secretary ckadams@eiu.edu
Nicole C Stevens Treasurer ncstevens@eiu.edu